I still haven’t solved my problem of the unfinished scarf, but I have been working on other things to keep me busy—and away from the UFO (UNfinished Object). I’ve started the small shawl I’m making as a thank you for my friend Glenda, and so far it’s coming along nicely. Fracture is such a simple pattern and this lovely Southern Silk Sock merino and silk mix from White Bear Fibers makes this a nice knit. Of course, 300 and some odd stitches don’t make for a super quick knit, but close enough for me. I’m definitely making progress; ready to start on the second blue band before moving into the main body pattern with the slipped stitches. I hope she falls in love with it; I imagine blocking this will make it even more lovely and slinky. Such a beautiful hand.

The second piece that is coming along is my Firefly Hitchhiker. I’ve been taking it wherever I go so that I have a WIP to work on while I wait, and it’s so easy that I hardly have to look anything up. This weekend alone it was worked on at church, at Kohls while waiting for TheCop to try on jeans, and en route to Harrisburg airport. This yarn is ridiculously nommy, and the loft is magnificent. I’m never going to want to wear anything else.

Hopefully, by the time Glenda’s piece is done, my subconscience will have come up with a solution to the UFO–because if not, I’ll be frogging that back too. Oy.

We’ll just leave it at that for now.

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