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If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’ve embarked upon my first bottom up shawl. This is the post where I follow up with my successful completion, any insights learned, and pictures. So, let’s start with the pictures. This is where I’m at:

Notice the unfinished “V” in the center? Now look at the amount of yarn left to knit. I estimate I’ve got about ten yards left, max. Gentle readers, I have gotten to “that point”—where I finally reach the inescapable conclusion that I will not be able to finish this piece as is with this single 360 yard skein.



So, the Noro scarf is merrily rolling along, and I’m well into the second set of balls (!!!). However, as smoothly as the first set went, the second has seen a couple of snags along the way. First, there have been two knotted points where somebody in the Noro factory said, “Hmmm. I’m tired of this color. Let’s change….NOW!” and tied the beginning of an entirely different color to the end of your lovely progression, thus messing up the color flow. Do I think anyone besides me is really gonna see this? Probably not, but it does drive me crazy to see it happen (k)not once, mind you, but twice. Who can guarantee it won’t happen again before I reach the end? Right. Me neither.

My second snag is that, odd though it might be, these two balls have similar colors in them, and I get green against green, pink against pink, and orang against orange. This is crazy talk, as they really are different dye lots, but I see that it usually happens after these surprise knot situations, so I guess they figure you’ll just play the skeins your dealt. So I’ve found myself knitting about four inches, finding far too much similarity, then unraveling back to where the knot is and, instead, picking up the other end of the skein to try incorporating a new color flow. Why would I be insane enough to do this? Because, my good friends, this picture shows you precisely what it looks like when you don’t. I must admit, I probably should’ve pulled out sooner (wait-what? THAT’S not manly!), but I was hoping against hope I might juuuust make it. Clearly, that didn’t happen. So once again I frogged back to the knot, and swapped ends, and so far it seems to have taken the hint to behave.

Fingers crossed I get it done before Friday.


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Sometimes, no matter what you’d rather be doing, you just have to frog that shite and say, “Whatever.”