I feel like I should put a quick note in here about this year’s Ravelympics — err, Ravellenic Games. It seems this year was destined to doom, from the ridiculously insulting cease-and-desist notification from the USOC, their subsequent apology, yet another apology and, finally, Ravelry’s making peace by changing the Olympic knitting festivities to the Ravellenic Games (the punster in me appreciates Slate’s write up the most). Not like they really had an option, and not like I can’t even understand the need to protect trademarks, but in my opinion, this is old school meets new school in a highly unlikely venue — and the old school bully got a whuppin’ it didn’t expect.

Take that, beyotches.

Now, I had all intentions of participating. I chose projects for a number of categories, I caked a bunch of hanks and had things all aligned. It seemed, however, that life had other plans. I was gone for the first week to Arkansas, where I spoke at one conference and attended a second one. Fabulous learning takeaways, but the push for knitted progress took a backseat (other than during the plane rides). Once I got back, I fully intended to hunker down and knit up, but then came the brother-in-law and his kids for a surprise encampment at my house for the better part of a week. Lovely to see them, but more talk, less knit. By the time the crew departed, TheCop went out to Camp Cadet for a week of leading young men in the fine art of leadership, and I was pushing to get a client ready for a launch date that they seriously weren’t ready for. Then, of course, there was the whirlwind weekend roadtrip to Massachusetts, packing five healthy folk into my Jeep.

And like a puff of smoke into thin air, the 2012 Games (both kinds) had passed me by.

I thought about it and tried to chastise myself about not getting more done, but then I realized there was a bigger truth here: I knit because I love it. I knit because it makes me a kinder, gentler human when I’m otherwise frustrated with waiting. I knit because I like the pretty finished objects. But pushing to get through projects just to move on to other projects without taking the time to appreciate the process? No thank you. Not interested in that anymore — if indeed I ever was. I’m not taking time off of work so I can finish another project before the deadline. I have a life. I want to enjoy it. And I want to enjoy my knitting. I believe, like most things in life, it’s about so much more than the competition. It’s the camaraderie, the friendship, the enjoyment of a pastime that’s fulfilling.

In that sense, I think I’ve already earned my place on the knitting medal podium of life. Knit on, world. Knit on.