So, I’m working on Westknit’s Clockwork scarf, and I’m loving it. This project was truly born out of the spur of the moment. I’d finished the Ironic Hipster hat out of Indigodragonfly’s Yak! Bam! and had fallen in love with the feel of it. Unfortunately for Kim, I saw her online and started whining about needing a new project. Unfortunately for me, Kim had just dyed a dozen new colors, and suggested this as a lovely accent piece to the hat. Even better, this is a relatively simple pattern to repeat, and I am enjoying the easy knit. It flew to Austin (where I originally started the orange/brown as the dominant color, then changed my mind) and knit in #heweb11, and choral concerts, and TEDxPSU. It’s a great travel piece.

A couple of notes: A slipped stitch selvedge is pretty much a given mod, with the switching rows of colors (just like on the Noro scarf). I’m somewhat surprised he hadn’t built that in, frankly, but maybe that’s standard operating procedure for real knitters. Who knows?

So fast forward to Sunday night, where I’ve just finished the first section. As I’ve really taken advantage of the fact that this is knit knit knit, I’ve had to correct a couple spots where I wasn’t paying attention and caught two threads in a stitch. Relatively easy fixes, and I was still feeling pretty good about being able to correct on the fly. Now that we’re at the point where we pull out and reset the stitch markers, I thought it would be nice to get my bearings and count my stitches just to make sure I’m on the right track. Unbelievably, I’m 22 stitches off. WTF???!?

Dammit. Who thought that was a good idea???

So at this point I should have 273 stitches, and I only have 251. Twenty-two missing stitches. Which, if think about it, is really 11 twice, which makes me suspect that on one of the gray stripes back at the beginning, I missed an increase on each end, which would totally work out to 22 missing stitches. (I think. Honestly, it hurts my brain to think about this too hard, mostly because I don’t want to find out that it’s worse than I think it is right at this moment. Best to keep my head in the sand a bit longer.) Of course, now I am going to have to break down and find out whether my missing stitches are evenly spread on either side, or if I have an uneven extra on one end.

I say again, dammit. This is what happens when you think you can be all smart and just go with the flow and multitask. I must admit, I’m not nearly as upset as I probably should be, so that’s something. Or maybe I’m just full of shit. Yeah, that’s probably it.


Update, 2:40AM: So apparently I need to remember that counting is best done in the quiet. The first time I counted was by tens (and then marking them on my iPhone’s stitch marker, so I wouldn’t forget), and I was in the middle of a TEDx break. Stoopid girl. I went back, now, to count stitches per section, and what did I find? I was off by 2–TWO–stitches on one end. *Facepalm* Apparently I missed accounting for a couple of those ten groups I was counting. Go figure. Anyhow, anticipated crisis averted. Fixed and done, and moving on.