I cannot believe I am so behind on blogging. Well, okay, I can believe it—mostly because I am behind EVERYWHERE. My work blog, my personal blog, my knitting blog. Behind, behind, BEHIND. The good news is that I haven’t stopped knitting; I’ve actually been working hard at getting some pieces done (yes, the cardigan redux is complete! w00t!), but I seem to have gotten stuck somewhere. I think it’s because my Ravelry stashing is in ruins. I’ve done quite a bit of adding to the coveted stash, but I haven’t documented it—no pictures, no entries, no nuttin’. And of course, that makes it tough to add a new project in Ravelry and link it to my (non-existent) stash entry.

See how this goes? 

Also, JoeCollege is back from school for the summer and has taken residence downstairs in my workroom. His summer job has him working nights stocking shelves at Walmart, so during the day he is downstairs hibernating RIGHT NEXT TO MY STASH. Do you know how difficult it is to play with my yarnporn when there is a growly teen next to it? And now when I feel empowered to actually update it, I know I’m missing significant additions and I can’t go down there because the petulant night stalker—errr, stocker—will growl at me so really, what’s the use?
Grrr. Aaargh. (And we’ll speak of that later.)
So now I’m surfacing from a particularly hectic week of conferencing, followed by a particularly nasty bout with bronchitis, and I’m feeling like I might make a tender stab at rectifying the horrific situation that is my Ravelry stash. Oh, all you knitters that keep asking me about my yarn; some of this is already long gone, just not updated. My bad.
But I’ll see what I can do.