Since I was whining about variegated yarns a couple weeks ago, I thought I should probably show some progress with what I’ve been making. I’d decided to do Clapotis with the Miss Babs’ Rhinebeck 2011 colorway, and I really like how the colors are playing off the stockinette/dropped stitch combo. it had been an easy pattern to travel with (although I really need to stop talking so much when I knit this, because I totally lose track of the YO after the k2tog. I’ve had to go back and fix that at least a handful of times (although that means I’m getting really good at tinking) and it will off the count by one if I don’t catch it. So, I’m still moving forward, but I should really pay a bit more attention when I’m cruising along in this one.

But at the moment, I’ve put Clapotis on hiatus so that I can make more progress on Trillian. TheProgrammer decided she really liked it and beat me to the punch by asking for it. *eyeroll* So I’m trying to get moving on it on the off chance I might actually get it done for her birthday which is… oh, Tuesday. I’m gonna get back to that and hopefully make tracks stat. It’s about a yard long on the curved side, so I’m starting to get a good feel for what this will look like as a finished object. I will tell you that Indigodragonfly’s Merino/Silk 4-ply sock yarn is, quite simply, delish.

I like the fact I’m making progress in gradually getting through both stash and projects. I’m happy with both of these pieces (although I’m pretty sure they’ll both be gifts) but I’m also looking forward to getting them done and moving on to the next things in line. I seem to have a queue that gets longer and longer and longer, but I guess it’s progress that I’ve got actual yarn matched up with actual projects. Now if I could only get outgoing projects done faster than the incoming stash, I’d call that making real progress.

Carry on, McDuff!

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