I have something to confess: I have been studiously ignoring my Ravelry account. Ever since Ravelympics, I have been so burned out on maintenance that I’ve been afraid to go back in. There’s still seven messages in my queue, which are full of Ravelympic badges that I won for all the work I did, but that three week push just did me in. I know it sounds pathetic. But it’s taken over a month to gather the strength to go back in and start cleaning up, putting things into place, organizing new stash items (and even moving some to the “Will sell or trade” category, believe it or not), and just generally wading back into the waters of yarnporn. Yarn that has been sitting in limbo is now getting pulled out and pictures taken, and the time has come to upload and update the stash.

I think it has actually helped that I’ve been away from it. I’ve been working on a lightweight piece that has gradually soothed the frazzled nerves of churning out badge friendly event items asfastasIpossiblycanpleasedon’thurtmeAudreyIpromiseI’llfinishsoon. But it definitely took a while. I think that’s interesting; I enjoyed the camaraderie of the Ravelympics (as opposed to the competition), but I much prefer my knitting to be something that I enjoy while I’m doing it. I think I’ve finally made it to the point that, so help me God, I really do use knitting as a stress reliever. Who knew? But I think it has actually happened. I think it’s also helped that the weather has prematurely moved into thoughts of spring, and sunshine, and the promise of new projects is once again beckoning to me.

So tonight I am hoping that I finish my latest piece, along with a glass of wine. But if I don’t finish, I’m not gonna stress about it. Because this time, I am enjoying the journey along the way to the final destination. And if that means another glass of wine now, and another day to complete later, so be it.

I think I’ve earned it.

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