While I’ve been organizing my Christmas To Do list, I pulled out all the half finished projects, hibernating WIPs, frogged bad ideas, barely started and almost completed pieces and bagged and collected them in a big basket in my work space. As I get the time, I’m even starting to slowly make my way through that basket — either to repurpose the good yarn/bad ideas, or finish some of the good ideas and regift. Very promising, since Christmas is less than a month away.

And then sometimes, you just hit a black hole.

IMG_4500A couple days ago I pulled out a skein of fingering weight Alpaca, which had started almost three years ago as a lace cowl, but somehow I’d gotten sidetracked, and then it got messy, and then I frogged the damn thing since I really hadn’t gotten farther than an inch into the pattern. But three years is a long time for lovely little piece to be left undone, and as I’m looking for easy gifts, I figured it was a no brainer. So I cast on again — three times, to be exact — and kept at it for three inches, until I hit a particularly rough patch (also, sleepy Robin gets sleepy). I had to rework one round four times until I realized where I’d gone astray (a simple matter of miscounting, believe it or not). Finally it was time to move on. Then I caught a look at the picture on the front of the pattern and realized, after all this time, I was using needles that were WAY too big. Seriously too big. Like, a US 7 when a even the US 4 I’ve switched to might still be a tad big.  So, this is now the status of my current project. AGAIN.

Sometimes, stupid Robin is stupid.

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