Tricks & Cheats

Garter Stitch Tab

This is a popular way to start a scarf; but sometimes I still need a visual.


Why is it important, and math to fix it when you’re off, thanks to CozySoulCrochet.


Supposedly M1L M1R are better, more invisible increases, where lift increases can leave a bit of a gap. Decent how to video at KnitPurlHunter.

6 Ways to Knit Mirrored Increases (excellent tutorial!) at Susanna Winter’s blog.

Joins/Working in Ends

TECHknitting has done my work for me: 10 different methods of working in ends in knitting — eight of which are “as you go.” I’m a big fan of Russian joins, back joins, and felting ends (aka spit) joins.

Kitchener Stitch

Written instructions on how to kitchener with knitting needles rather than sewing needles.


When you have to tie a knot, the magic knot is the way to go.

Last Stitch Finishing

Bind offs — how to fix that last stitch: KnitFreedom,

Short Rows

Wrap and Turns (W&T) vs. German Short Rows (GSR)? No contest — GSR all the way. SRSLY. Watch this explanatory video, and weep with joy.

Underarm Holes

This is a great video tutorial on how to avoid those pesky holes under the arms on sweaters. Enough said!

Yarn Substitutions

Now that I have a bit more experience under my belt, I realize not all worsteds are equal; many things go into the suggestion of specific yarns for patterns. Use to get a better recommendation, or to see how your intended yarn stacks up against the original.