Clearly my mind doesn’t care to work in a linear fashion. I have been working on Hitchhiker as my brainless travel piece, while leaving Fracture home as it is a two yarn work and it’s just easier not to umm, knot up. Of course, the downside to working with incredibly amazing yarnporn is that the feeling is so nice, you get in a groove and tend to continue with it wherever you are. Such is the case with Hitchhiker and, as a result, last Friday I finished that puppy over strawberry-mango margaritas (but while I was out at a bar drinking. THAT TOTALLY COUNTS). An EXCELLENT way to finish a project, by the way. It’s soft, it’s delish, and I’m sorely tempted not to block. That being said, it probably would be a good idea to do a gentle block just to get a little bit more length on it.

Which brings me back to Fracture. You know, the piece that has to be done in less than two weeks. I don’t know what my major malfunction here is; this is not a difficult pattern to follow. For some reason, I simply had mind freeze every time I tried to pick up the project and move forward. So instead, I’d fallback to my normal procrastination position of strength and reach for the orange fuzzy yarnporn. Gah. So Friday evening, with a three day holiday in front of me, I picked up Fracture and dug in. Half a row in and I couldn’t understand why I’d had such problems picking it back up, but I guess that’s my own brand of crazy. So while I’m actually about halfway through the row count, I’m really farther than that, as this is a bottom up pattern and my rows continue to decrease in length. Woohoo! (Of course, we’ve heard this before…)

So I’ll get some pictures of Hitchhiker and post. And perhaps I’ll see how portable Fracture is, now that I’ve used up a good amount of the blue cake. That would help me move it along, and if I want to do ANYTHING other than knitting this weekend, it’s getting rather necessary at this point.

At least we’re not at the panicking part yet. YET.

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