This weekend, as part of a larger blog/ePortfolio renovation, I’ve decided to retheme knitting mayhem. While I am certain I could have done a lot more, I like to think that an iterative process allows me to add little bits, see how I like it, and then add–or change–to suit. At least, that’s my story.

The cool part is that I took some time to go through my flickr library and view all my stash pictures that I’ve taken and uploaded to Ravelry. Two things stood out: my friend Unraveling takes the best damned pictures because she has an amazing camera, and I have one hella stash. So most of the day has been spent pulling the best pictures into Photoshop, making, cropping, and uploading new headers that show off some of my awesome bits of fiber. Mmmm, lovely!

So stay tuned. Among other things, I’m planning to add a legitimate blog roll, a better flickr widget that allows some pretty pictures to live on the site and, last but not least, give some serious Ravelry love. Now that they’ve made Ravelry links easier to view (hat tip to Casey!), we shall see if we can get more integration with Ravelry. No promises. But it’s definitely on the list.

And now, back to the knitting!