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ZOMG. There’s just so much awesome here… I totally want to get DangerBoy to do his own version of this for the KnitPistols. That’s how awesome I think this is.


geek by splityarn, on Flickr

I’m a knitting geek with a tech problem who happens to work with a bunch of male techies. This in itself is not a bad thing, per se, but there are times when the (far fewer) women I work with roll our eyes at each other whenever we witness their stubborn refusal to listen to things we say because it might be girly or, God forbid, even tangentially related to the dreaded k word (K–N–I–T–T–I–N–G).


Can we grow up? Because we, as geek women (and yes, I am talking about my beloved KnitPistols) are a damned smart bunch. Not only do we have pointy sticks and know how to use them, but we have brains and know how to recognize wicked smart applications. But, when a respected tech site notices this same wicked smart application, TheBoyz just might have to consider giving it serious consideration, despite it having to do with, you know, yarn.

So thank you, Slate, for being MAN ENOUGH to see that Ravelry is a wicked smart, kick ass social network that is ten times stronger—and more useful—than any other social network or intranet than I’ve ever been involved in.

It’s about damned time others—besides us smart ass knitters—figure this out.